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Plumbing emergencies always occur at the most inconvenient times. But when they do happen, don’t fret! Your emergency plumber - P.J.D. Enterprises, Inc. - is ready to tackle your emergency as the premiere plumbing contractor in Abington, PA. We provide all types of plumbing repair services to our community.

If you notice a wet area in your ceiling, or if your flooring is lifting and warping, you probably have a leak somewhere. Our professional plumbing contractor will come out to your home, assess the situation and fix leaks in your pipes and fixtures. If your toilet keeps running, using up precious water, we will check the working parts inside the tank and then repair or replace as necessary.

Many folks don’t realize this; your local plumber can also install such bathroom fixtures as your toilet, sink and faucet. It’s true; if you want to change the look of your bathroom but don’t want to hire contractors to do all the work, the plumbers at P.J.D. Enterprises, Inc. can help with these installations, while leaving the rest of the renovations – such as painting and flooring – to you. You decide the extent of the work you want us to do.

The plumbing contractors here at P.J.D. Enterprises, Inc. are reliable, honest and highly trained in all aspects of plumbing services. We will come to your home in a timely manner, determine the extent of work to be done, give you an estimate and, upon your approval, get to work. We try to work around your schedule in order to create the least amount of disruption to your normal routine. When the work is done, our contractors will return your home to the state it was in before we did the repairs or installations.

  Keep P.J.D. Enterprises, Inc. on your speed dial so we can get to you quickly and handle all of your plumbing needs!